We are on the way each day of the week, in order to be at your disposal and to honor the orders we receive. We transport goods not only in Europe, but also to other continents, for example: Africa or The United States of America. We deliver your goods directly to your clients in the safest circumstances, according to our best knowledge and experiences we gathered through the years.

We try to take into consideration the most different requests, the most special situations and delivery terms, so that you are pleased with our services and our every day work.

Our activity is based on complete freights of 24 tons, but also on delivery of goods between 1,5 - 3,5 tons by smaller vehicles and part-deliveries on different export-import relations.

In case our clients apply for it, we can take care of the entire distribution of the transported goods with maximum responsibility. We organize the loading and unloading of goods each time with respect to our clients conditions and requests, even if it is a small freight or a complete one.


Delivering to our clients through road transport in most parts of Europe, including countries like France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Austria and many more.

Europe map transport routes of FrogExpress
Europe map transport routes of FrogExpress


We provide worldwide ocean freight for shipping goods from all over the world, including all continents of the world.

Sea transport routes by Frog Express
Sea transport routes by Frog Express

Short sea

Our short sea services are concentrated in the Mediterranean sea, providing routes in major ports of Europe and North Africa.

Short sea transport routes by Frog Express
Short sea transport routes by Frog Express


Our main air transport is between Europe and Asia. In Europe, the main airports are in Budapest and Leipzig, from which shipments are delivered throughout Europe. In the Asian part, the main airport is located in the city of Zhengzhou.

Air freight maps by Frog Express
Air freight maps by Frog Express


We undertake rail freight transport. Our route leads through Eurasia, on the European part ending in Warsaw, and on the Asian part in Qingdao and Shanghai.

Rail transport routes by Frog Express
Rail transport routes by Frog Express


We provide professional custom services to facilitate the movement of goods across international borders while ensuring compliance with customs regulations and procedures. We are helping importers and exporters navigate the complex customs processes and requirements involved in importing and exporting goods.

We undertake the following:

  • Documentation and compliance
  • Tariff classification
  • Valuation
  • Duty and tax assessment
  • Customs clearance
  • Trade compliance and risk management
  • Trade facilitation


We undertake storage solutions involving the provision of secure facilities for the temporary or long-term storage of goods and products. Our services are particularly beneficial for businesses involved in logistics, transportation, and international trade, as we offer a range of storage options to accommodate different types of cargo, provide inventory management, and ensure the safety and security of stored goods.